The Post about Reading

This weekend I had such big plans. Reglaze a tub. Organize my office. Clean out the cabinets. Plant flowers. Wash my car. Read a good book.

Do you know which one I did? Read a good book.

Here's the problem. I have ADD. That affects your life in several ways, but no more so when reading (in my opinion). I cannot start a book I like and not finish it the same day. Because of this, books should be under 500 pages and NOT be part of a series. I picked wrong on both accounts. My Books-A-Million personal shopper, Miss Samantha Granade, had recommended Twilight by Stephenie Meyer many moons ago. I post-it-noted-it in my brain for such a time as this. Combine that with $7 at the store and some free time and I was off. Sadly, I did not know that there were two sequels (also cheap), so I found myself wrapped up in Forks and all that takes place there. The 4th book comes out on August 2.
I have made no plans that weekend.

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