The Post About Instagram Commentary

Here are a few additional thoughts on some Instagram photos I recently posted. 

Sometimes, I make amazing choices that benefit my health. Sometimes, I make amazing choices that benefit my mental health.

As I checked out with these four items in tow, the cashier said "You must have had a hard day. But you're about to have a great night."

Tru dat.

What's your go-to comfort purchase?

This is my friend Hannah and her brand new daughter, Adelaide. A is one month old and weighs FOURTEEN POUNDS. Can I tell you something? All babies are beautiful, BUT fat babies win the prize. Having recently eaten with three new moms, I've noticed how anxious they can get in public. The potential for screaming and pooping and drooling is high which is rare in a restaurant (unless the joint serves happy hour wings.)

These parents apologized because their babies whimpered or slept or didn't sleep or needed feeding. One even said "I'm sorry he wasn't more entertaining." I want to publicly ask for forgiveness if I ever made a mothering friend feel nervous about how their baby may perform. This isn't a soundstage on a studio lot, it's Chick-Fil-A. Your kid can cry.

Are you an anxious mom? Are you someone who makes a mom anxious?

Do you have a Jimmy John's where you live? There are more than 2,000 so let's pretend you do. They sell "day-old" bread for $0.50 every day. The best part is they consider "day-old" to be anything older than four hours. Hence this delicious cinnamon french toast. JJ's even has a Pinterest board full of recipes for this slightly aged masterpiece.

What's your favorite fast food restaurant?

My bathroom just got shiny new tile floors and a gorgeous new commode. Can I tell you how much I love that toilet? With its elongated bowl and water efficiency. Adulthood. However, the color of the tile was more beige and less gray than I expected so painting the walls seemed necessary. I prepped the room, taped the trim, set down drop cloths, picked out a cute paint shirt and got to work. That lasted 20 minutes. I'm 5'2"-ish. I can't.

Thankfully, Katherine from Grass Stains offered to paint the room in exchange for cake pops.

What would you do for me in exchange for cake pops?

{images: Jamie}


The Post About Why The Internet is Not The Worst

I took the summer off from blogging. Now I'm back.

Enough about that.

Often, the Internet can be a pot to boil all of our bitter and our furrowed brows and the steam that rises is SO DRAMATIC.

However, the Internet can be better than that. Learning and sharing and connecting.

The Internet is where I learned:

**cloud pics

The Internet is where I shared:

  • The best part of the recent Emmy Awards ceremony.
  • Bill Cosby's response to Victoria Osteen's comments about God's greatest goal for us.
  • Ann Voskamp's eloquent words about what the church should about suicide and depression.
  • A goat who may or may not be me in the first grade.

The Internet is where I connected to:
Just a sample of folks, like you, whom I adore.

What has the Internet done for you lately?


The Post About The Popcast Anniversary Giveaway


Last year, on August 14, I launched a pop culture podcast with my internet turned real-life friend, Knox McCoy. It's the The Popcast.

Fifty episodes later, we're still talking. And surprisingly, more than a few folks listen.

Here are our most recent episode topics:
  • Episode 50: The power of names. We guess which celebrity names are fake, which ones are real, and talk about how your name can influence your life.
  • Episode 49: Celebrity couples - our favorites, least favorite and the ones we feel embody everything there is to embody about celebrity-ness.
  • Episode 48: Movie Soundtracks. Is Garden State or The Bodyguard the best? What about Dirty Dancing? Best, worst, and in-between.
  • Episode 47: Bromance. What does it mean? Can women be involved? What are the iconic ones? Which famous people have bromanced the best?
  • Episode 46: Supporting characters who deserve their own thing and the idea of spinoffs. We also delved into introverted behavior.
  • Episode 45: Urban Dictionary entries, technology we just can't get into, and the blurry line between meeting someone online and translating that to real life. 
Never miss an episode of The Popcast by Subscribing via iTunes or adding our feed to your podcast app.

If you need more encouragement to become codependent on us, we're hosting an anniversary giveaway.

Simply follow the instructions from PromoSimple below. FIVE winners will be chosen randomly to win one of the pop culture prizes listed. Bonus entries for following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook.


The Post About Restless Rabbits: Week Three

Let's chat about what we've read this week. OR if you haven't read - there are still some great questions to discuss from chapter eight through thirteen of Restless by Jennie Allen. 

But first...our small group snack. My friend Elizabeth Hyndman posts her Friday Five each week and it's always full of goodness. This fella was stuck in the Las Vegas airport alone and made the most of his overnight stay with his iPhone rigged to a suitcase.

All by myself from Richard Dunn on Vimeo.

Now to our reading.

In these chapters, Jennie presents up
"The Threads." She sets up the process of identifying the components of our story that mix and mingle to paint the picture of our purpose.

Here are questions to ponder. Answer as few or as many as you like in the comments.

What do you most hope to get out of the process of reading Restless?
Our IRL group shared many answers of what they were looking for:

  • clarity
  • focus
  • reduced fear of change
  • ability to get off the sideline

It can be difficult to step out to pursue our purpose because comfort will keep us content. Or at least that's true for me. For me, I'm looking to sit more at ease in this season of waiting. I'm not great at "at ease."

What would you do if you weren't afraid?
This is a question Sheryl Sandberg asks in her fantastic book "Lean In." My favorite discussion in our IRL group was how we often think of all the obstacles to living a dream - like finances, caring for parents, having young children. However, I must remember that thought process points straight to my arrogance to think I'm in control or that God won't care for the things I think only I can manage.

If I weren't afraid, I would write and train full time. That's as far as I've gotten because I don't know what to do to make that happen. To be continued...

Identify a highlight from each life stage when you felt pleasure in what you were doing. When were moments you remember being proud and satisfied. 
There are so many and I WOULD ADORE IT if you would share in the comments. For me, my first memory is being 5 years old in the community pool meeting Gretchen Davis for the first time. She said she would be in Mrs. Dodd's kindergarten class in the comings weeks and I was THRILLED because that was my assignment too. Feeling connected immediately made me feel less afraid. I now can see how I really enjoy meeting new people and making connections. It's also the foundation for my passion for social media - so many new people with whom to connect.

Now, get thee to the comments and share your answers and thoughts. Also, feel free to email me at jamiesrabbits @ gmail.com for some one-on-one.

This week's reading assignment: Chapters 14-18. 
We're still trekking through our Threads. Write down anything that wrecks you or confuses you and we'll chat it through on next week's post.