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Jamie Golden  
Blogger. A.D.D. Survivor.

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I'm a 30-something single gal from Birmingham, Alabama who likes to follow the conversation wherever the medication may lead.

I “chase rabbits” when I speak which means I tend to get off topic. This blog is generally a different "rabbit" every day.

  • Day Job: Free Agent. Read more about that here.
  • Night Job: Trying to keep it real while watching television.
  • Education: The streets. Mind you, the pedestrian-friendly ones at Emory University.
  • Family: Mom and Dad married for 44 years. Older meteorologist brother who's married with 3 daughters and 1 son. They all live next to each other 18 miles down the road from me. We all love each other. It's disturbing, yet comforting.

    • Jamie is my very own party trick. When things are dull and need some spice, I pull Jamie out of my pocket and ask her to tell stories. Works every time.  Cari Kates, a.k.a Caryann, a.k.a my traveling nemesis.
    Note: Caryann is normally hostile, so I wanted this to be first.
    • I've had the pleasure of meeting Jamie and she's even funnier in person, if you can believe it. --Trina from XOXOTrina
    Note: Trina's really pretty so that makes her comment more valuable.
    Note: I'm not 100% confident Karla can read, but her own writing is fairly snazzy.
    • Every time I have to make a font decision, I wish Jamie was standing over my shoulder, mentoring and counseling me. --Rachel from Grasping For Objectivity
    Note: Rachel understands the value of a good typeface. And it's not Comic Sans.
    • Just so all of you know, Jamie is the coolest person on this entire planet. period. --Tiffany of The Polka Dot Giraffe.
    Note: This comment may have occurred immediately after I agreed to let Tiffany wear all her piercings to work.
    Note: We were both reaching for the same pants on a clearance rack at Bloomingdale's. That gives me pause about my actual taste.

    Feel free to check out my Frequently Asked Questions page

    And by "frequently" I mean more than once in 5 years.