About Me

Jamie Golden  

{High five} for dropping by...

I'm a 30-something single gal from Birmingham, Alabama who likes to follow the conversation wherever it takes me. I “chase rabbits” when I speak which means I tend to get off topic. This blog is generally a different "rabbit" each time I post.

The Basics

  • I quit a great job in 2013 and it was a great decision. Read more about that here.
  • Now, my jobs are baker and content marketer. My ADD won't allow me to pick.
  • My personality is ENFP, Enneagram 7, DISC profile I/D and Mary Jo Shively.
  • The affection I have for TV and Twitter would startle you.
  • I'm afraid of ladybugs. Read more that here.
  • I co-host a weekly pop culture podcast with Knox McCoy called The Popcast. 

    Feel free to check out my Frequently Asked Questions page

    And by "frequently" I mean more than once in 7 years.

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