The Post About Saturday Cartoons

Saturday morning cartoons are on the way out? This article is about Fox's decision to be the first of the big 4 networks to axe the tradition...

When I was 8-years-old, this was my weekend routine:
8:00am: Snorks
8:30am: Muppet BabiesAdd Image
9:00am: Smurfs
10:30am: Alvin and the Chipmunks
11:30am: The Littles

Looking back - I may have been slightly obsessed with shorter-than-average animated characters.


  1. They axed all my favorite Saturday morning cartoons in Junior Highschool; back when the WB(CW now) decided to get rid of their line-up. ><

  2. The end of an era. Luckily my dad is a Looney Toon freak so we have the majority of them on DVD.

    They stopped showing the good stuff a long time ago.

  3. Saturday cartoons have stunk for a while now. The only good place to find cartoons now is "Boomarang". It's a great channel. Ethan loves it. "Yopgi Bear, Scooby Doo, Pink Panther, etc.. Good stuff".

    But as I recall my Saturday mornings involved the super friends hour, Spider Man and his amazing friends, and for one season Kidd Video. (Nothing better than a teen rock band getting sucked into a another world called the "flipside" with a bad guy called "Master Blaster". Wow, that was awful.)

  4. I forget about the Snorks! That's awesome!


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