The Post About Being Alone On My Hall

There are approximately 7 of us in the building today. Almost all of my co-workers are off spreading holiday cheer at the mall or in their kitchens baking cookies. I am in office #11. However, the bonus of working until the last day (we are closed the rest of the week) is that you get mucho done. There are no babies screaming in the playroom, or co-workers yelling down the hall, or constant pages for missing co-workers who forgot to sign out. Plus, my own phone hasn't rung in two days and my inbox is down to less than 15 emails (a record!). Merry Chrismahanakwanzaa!

Honestly, I have taken some of my "work" time to spread my own holiday cheer through cyber-diversions. If you are stuck at work wishing you were home watching Christmas Vacation or binge eating fudge, and need a distraction - here you go:

1. Elf Yourself. It wouldn't be Christmas without the baby Jesus and this site.
2. Cake Wrecks. When cakes go mysteriously wrong.
3. Santa's Special Delivery. This game is snazzy. You must help Santa deliver presents before he gets too plastered to see the numbers on the elevator.

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