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The fifth season finale of Lost aired last night (at the same time Danny was being kicked to the curb on AI...) I sponsored a little shindig at my own personal and mortgaged "Dharma Station." Here are some highlights:

The Cups
I'm all about people writing their name on their cup. What's nice about RSVPs is that I can control even that small part of the party. Have I ever mentioned I'm controlling? Yes, I have.

The Drinks
No Lost party is complete without Dharma drinks. However, my house is generally a "dry" house (due to my frugality more than teetotality) so we left out the beer.

The Cursed Couple
Look at my great friends who are not afraid of a little curse.

The Trivia
I'm controlling AND competitive, so no gathering is complete without a chance for me to win something. Even if I already knew some of the answers. However, who knew it would be Sawyer to cry and not Jack? Did you know?

The Entree
Hurley's old stomping grounds provided an excellent array of poultry for the event. Publix grocery stores provide remarkably similar chicken.

The Sides
More Dharma rations and goldfish make every luau, toddler birthday party and shindig about bizarre time-traveling dead people all the saltier.

The Dessert
May Oceanic flight 815 rest in peace. Or in this case, marblized goodness.

The Party Favor
I'm a FIRM believer that every party guest leaves with a favor. I also believe every guest brings the hostess a gift, but who's pointing fingers? Thank you Hershey's for your manna.

What television show finales are you wrapped up in?

(images: Jamie)


  1. Oh my gosh...you're such the little party hostess! I totally wish I watched Lost now :)...b/c then I could have been invited to your cool party!

  2. I'm not sure what else to say, but "Wow!"

  3. That is quite an impressive spread you had....I am super sad that I live in Montgomery and didn't get to attend :(

  4. Before the photos showed up, they said "drinks", "food", "the cursed couple"...
    a little bitter, are we?

  5. I'm so happy I was there.

  6. I believed until the next morning that Apollo candy was the next new candy. I was sadly mistaken when I woke from an exhausting Lost night to find that it was a sticker. Argh....

    Cool pictures.

  7. Lance, life would be less enjoyable without you.

  8. Jem and her boyfriend are TOO CUTE! You should get more cute friends.

  9. Alright Bree Vandecamp (Desperate Housewives reference). We get your point about hostess gifts. It was a fun, fun party! Can't wait till January and the "Lost Premiere Party"!!

  10. I've never watched Lost (yes, I live under a rock!), but what a great party, down to the last detail! You really went above and beyond.

  11. I just cried a little looking at all this. I am inspired, jealous, and a little too giddy about all this stuff. Please tell me you served Dharma Ranch Dressing with Mr. Cluck's chicken. :)


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