The Post About Born in 1931

This post is audience-specific. The following are my reactions to tonight's Lost episode "Follow the Leader." Again, these are the things I said outloud in my living room while I watched the show by my lonesome:

**Producers - Thanks for making me relive the loss of my dear Daniel.
**Do you think it hurts more to be shot or hit with a gun while its riding by on a horse and then kicked? Jack - your thoughts?
**Jack. Clearly, the bump on your face is making you less attractive. As are the words coming out of that bloody face.
**Seems like Stewart is compensating for some hair loss by roughin' up Jim.

**The prove-you're-not-from-future conversation between Hugo and Dr. Chang made my insides jiggle.

**It's always nice to run into yourself in the jungle.
**Who doesn't need an Iraqi assassin in their corner?
**Quote Break: Richard: "I'm starting to think John Locke is going to be trouble." Ben: "Why'd you think I tried to kill him?"
**Who knew a love triangle could fit as snug as a bug in a sub?
**I could almost hear them humming "We're off to see the wizard..." And then we will kill him.

Preview: SEASON FINALE. I'm having a lil' shindig in honor of the event at my casa. Dharma rations for everyone...

(image: Entertainment Weekly)


  1. I love this post as I am an avid Lost watcher. I never miss an episode. Just when you think things couldn't get any crazier...they do.

  2. I'll have the Dharma Vanilla cookies please! How do our sub friends get back on the island anyhow? That preview was whack...I thought I was time traveling

  3. K: I agree! There is no "That's too crazy..."

    A: I'm definitely serving Dharma soda and crackers. Good question...who knows how it will unfold - the best part of watching!

  4. so, Rabbit, i still want to know whether you have number on you or not...
    wish i had some Lost fans around here so that i could throw a party for the finale. but then again, i would perhaps kills someone by accident if they spoke too much/too loudly ;-)
    i'm with you on the prove-your-not-from-the-future conversation. hilarious.
    hm. i'm also a little bit scared about the finale. wondering who's gonna die...


Don't be afraid if I chase your rabbit comment...

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