The Post About Cups and Pops

I love a good party. For me, "good" is defined as fun folks and fun food. If I can be a small part of even one of those, then my work here is done.

One way I tried to bring fun food to a dear friend's wedding shower yesterday was by trying to copy the sassy stylings of one
Bakerella. If you want to see how everything you've ever baked is simply less than, then run, don't walk to her website. You will leave feeling inspired and overwhelmed with only one glance.

My first attempt was fondant-decorated cupcakes.
Final Cupcakes
Pre-tinted fondant is my friend. Plus, my new alphabet
set made the graffiti possible.

Then came the leap of faith. Bakerella's phenomenal cake pops.
Here are the suspects. Notice all the things I didn't make from scratch. Like the plastic bags.

Cake Pop Mix
First, I baked the cake. For you novices, this picture is technically not "baking."

Crumbled with Icing
Then, I crumbled the cake into a bowl and added cream cheese frosting. Mmm. Cheese.

Cake Pop balls
Then I rolled out 50 cake balls. That has be the worst name for these marvels. But it's descriptive.

Cake Pops with Sticks
After a 3-hour nap in the fridge, I poked them with a stick. But I'm pretty sure they liked it.

Final Cake Pops wrapped
After a dip, a sprinkle and a wrap - these party favors were born. Welcome to my world.

You too can birth some cakey goodness on a stick. Remember, I have no skills, so there's hope for everyone.

See Bakerella for kindly assistance.

(images: Jamie)


  1. So I was talking to Caleb about who I want to direct my wedding and the parties prior to the wedding... I think I just found her! :)

  2. Jamie wow! Your balls look great! :)

  3. ALMF: They tasted yummy too!

    K: :) I come at a fair but outrageous price.

    B: Hehe.

  4. They look great! I wish I could have been there - I had to work. Boo.

    I don't know which was more disturbing - the 'cake balls' or the poking with a stick.


  5. Wow!! These look so pretty that I wouldn't want to eat them!!

  6. I'm totally making those cake ball pop thingies...I don't know for what -- maybe just for me :) How fun!! They are so cute - you should be proud.

  7. S: Double entendres are fun, no?

    TAF: It would only take one accidentally falling into your belly and then you would be hooked...

    C: Like I said - if I can do it - anyone can!

  8. Awesomeness. Really great job.

    And I love your Lost party… what fun!


  9. Ummm, why weren't you crazed about baking in college???? I feel cheated!

  10. I'm glad you made the Bakerella stuff, because I was wondering if it was really as simple as it looked on P-Dub's site.

    Think I'm going to tackle these for the next office birthday I roll.

  11. B: Any awesomeness is only a credit to you - thank you for sharing your mad skills!

    J: I was crazier about eating in college than making anything. I should send you goodies :)

    KO: Your co-workers will think you're a rock star.

  12. Those cake pops are pure genius! What a fantastic idea (which I might have to copy for my friend's birthday next week...)

  13. TS: Thanks dear!

    p-b: Bakerella is so smart! You MUST copy - they will be a hit!

  14. these are cool!! i think it's a great idea to make the cake pops for my nephew's birthday coming wednesday!

  15. We have to get together and make some of those! Mana said she wants to also!

  16. s: I think your nephew and all his friends will love them!

    TS: We must have a pop party!


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