The Post About Who's Your Daddy

One more great guest blogger for you as I try to wash off the rest of the woods. Cari Kates is one of my bestest and most annoying friends. She is a better steward of money and because of that, I'm a better dresser. Enjoy her rantings and I'll be chasing rabbits with you tomorrow. jamie

In February, I went to Texas to visit family. The reason wasn’t so good…my cousin passed away, and it’s still hard to believe she’s gone…but it was soooo good to see my family, especially my daddy. First, you must know that my dad is a Texas Redneck. That means he wears a trucker hat, you can always see his chest hair protruding from the collar of his shirt, and he considers beer, salsa, and steak the major food groups.

While I was in Texas, I learned a couple of things. The Cowboys are building a new stadium in Arlington, near Six Flags, that my dad calls “Jerry World” (after owner Jerry Jones, I guess). He wanted to see it, being the rabid Cowboys fan that he is, so we took a nice little trip to look at the progress.

It was on-site that I learned the second thing, through the viewfinder of my camera, as I documented his stop at the stadium construction…my dad is pregnant.

When I asked my dad when he was due, he didn’t answer me. Either he’s trying to surprise us, or he didn’t have his hearing aids in. I hope it’s a girl.

Cari Kates


  1. Ummm...Jamie didn't link to our morning show blog because she's too busy spending money she doesn't have on things she doesn't need (this is me being annoying), so if you wish, you can wander over to www.morningswithcarianddale.wordpress.com. :)

  2. CK: Clearly you didn't read your own post, you loser. I linked to your sassy blog in your signature at the bottom. And yes, I AM spending money on iPhone accessories that I DO need.

  3. Cari: My answer to that question when posed to me is, "About 15 minutes. It's going to be your twin."

  4. so jealous - always wanted a sister!

  5. lol I used to listen to Cari & Justin in the afternoons here in Birmingham! Hi Cari!

  6. Just wanted Jamie to know that she is currently in 8th place for the Funniest Blog on the BlogLuxe Awards! Keep those votes a-comin'!


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