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Author Francine Rivers normally gets noticed for her bestseller Redeeming Love. And rightfully so - I recommended it in my first month of blogging. But truly my favorite is her Mark of the Lion series. These three books tell the tale of persecution and perseverance of 1st-century Christians in hedonistic Rome. Rivers gives romance a backseat to the challenge of living out one's faith in the midst of turmoil and tragedy. It's a beautiful literary take on the Billy Graham quote "It's the Holy Spirit's job to convict, God's job to judge, and our job to love." He's right.


Squee. Project Runway is back. And on a basic cable channel. Bravo is lovely, but it didn't make the catastrophic Jamie budget cut of 2008. You may think this is a girlie show and your assessment is pretty much on target. But indulge. It's a reality show with talent and very few transmitted diseases (yes, I'm talking to you Bret). Season 6 premieres August 20 on Lifetime.


I really like country music. Not necessarily the country music involving a bar brawl and an illegitimate child, but I do love a good story and a steel guitar. And an attractive boy with well-placed tattoos and an Aussie accent. Keith Urban recently released an iTunes Originals album (which I always adore) and You'll Think of Me is the perfect song for those youshouldhavedatedmeinsteadofthegirlwiththelonglegsandeventualmustache moods.

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  1. I so love Project Runway. I missed the first couple of seasons because I thought "Bravo, high fashion, no way." And then I heard Tim Gunn and my life was changed forever. I cannot wait for the new season to start!


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