The Post About Healthcare Reform and Hot Guys

This post was about as political as I ever got here in the Rabbit world.

I learned my lesson. Not everyone can play nice with this particular topic. Just watch any cable news network.

I've disabled comments on this one since I can't easily moderate crazy while in the audience of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

Originally posted July 24, 2008

The Post About Dirty Jobs

Mike Rowe. He and George Clooney have convinced me that 40-something men can possibly be attractive. I haven't completely converted yet - my apologies to all the "mature" men out there...

It is the only reason I ever watch "Dirty Jobs" or want to buy a Ford truck. Mike Rowe.

I read this interesting tidbit in Newsweek last week and I found my inner-Jamie rising up...

"...the airwaves are overrun by TV shows about people—er, men—with dangerous, physical, soot-collar jobs. If people want to come home from a hard day's work and watch other people put in a hard day's work, more power to them—these shows attract tons of viewers. What's annoying is how they suggest there's a fascinating character study happening beneath the surface. What makes someone do this for a living? They seem to ask. We've got a theory: money, and lots of it. Want to see a really dangerous job? How about a woman working for minimum wage at a big-box retail store who can't afford health insurance? Marvel as she scans groceries, aggravating the carpal tunnel for which she can't go to a doctor. It might not be as visually compelling a show, but it would certainly be more relevant."

The presidential election is uber-important this year. I am not yet convinced as to which candidate better represents the issues that are most important to me. But I do know that a lack of affordable and adequate health care for citizens of this country is a serious problem.

I write that as someone who didn't have it for 7 years and now does. (Of course, my insurance only has to cover check-ups right now. What if I developed an illness that it wouldn't cover?) I write that as a daughter of parents who pay almost $1000 a month in order to have basic coverage. I write that as a sensible human being who knows that people get sick and deserve help without needing to sell the kidney that the stone came out of.

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