The Post About Lying Down on the Job

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Today, I suggested to our program director that she keep an eye on the bad weather because we might need to close the office early.

It's sunny and 84 degrees.

I cannot be expected to work under these conditions.

there are only 9 people in our office today. Normally, we top out at almost 30. One person suggested we go to a 4-day work week since Fridays are always a ghost town. Like it.

Another recommended more of us should work from home. Unlike it.

I made a list over a year ago about why I couldn't work from home. Let's revisit, shall we?

  1. Easy access to a value pack of 100 frozen waffles.
  2. Talk shows.
  3. The nap after talk shows.
  4. No clear rationalization for vast array of handbags and shoes.
  5. Lizards.Lizards are so 2009. I now have ladybugs rallying the troops on my porch.
  6. My obsession with creating the perfect iTunes playlist.
  7. I can lie down anywhere in the "office" and no one will know.
  8. YouTube.
  9. Very clear rationalization for vast array of pajama bottoms.
  10. Bathing moves quickly off my priority list.

Work from home. Good idea or bad idea?

{image: Jamie}

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