The Post About Camp APAC Rocks

Road Warrior Staff
One of the perks of being an event planner at your job is going to some snazzy events.

Camp APAC is one of them.

It's an annual camp for adopted kids held at
Camp ASCCA in Jackson's Gap, Alabama.

Me & Luigi
You meet great kids. And their "best friends."

Waterslide takes Flight
You do some fun things.

And you learn.

9 camp lessons I learned:

1. If a child gets attention from a nurse, all he wants is more. Ke$ha was right about love.
2. The woods are creepy at night. It's why horror movies always end up there.
3. Camp pancakes and biscuits are better than the best box of Cheez-its.
4. Staff who take meds for a variety of special needs are usually the best staff for a special camp.
5. Bieber fever can find you anywhere.
6. If you don't make a big deal of scorpions, then children won't either.
7. Testosterone might be the opposite of Febreeze
since dirty clothes smell 10x worse in a guy's room.
8. When 12 kids drink 48 juice boxes in less than 4 minutes, they will want to throw up. It's a fact.
Children deserve to be in a forever family. It's the least we can do.

Postcard for Home

{images: Elaine Friel, Lisa Williams, Elaine Friel, Jamie}


  1. And this family is glad you all are doing what you are doing. it felt weird not going this year....will have to do better vacation planning next year.

  2. OF: We hope to have the boys back in 2011!

  3. Hey you were down here near me. I didn't realize there was a camp for adopted kids. Is it just for children adopted out of the foster care system or ones with special needs?

  4. AN: It's a service for any Alabama adoptive family (whether you adopted publicly or privately). No cost for families connected to DHR in some way (fostered or adopted through them) and cost is minimal for other families. The only criteria is children must be ages 8 to 18 and they can't require 1 on 1 supervision (our staff ratio is normally 1 to 3.


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