The Post About How To Easily Help a Foster Child Today

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I'm privileged to sit on the front row watching colleagues who work diligently to find forever families for children in Alabama. One friend in the business is Heart Gallery Alabama. 

Heart Gallery Alabama helps promote adoption of kids in foster care by recruiting professional photographers to help capture the unique spirit of each child. They also create videos of each child to help tell "their story." And they do this with no state or federal funding.

Today (and today only), Heart Gallery has a shot of winning a Toyota in the 100 Cars for Good program on Facebook. And it's a good shot since only 5 nonprofits are in the running.

Heart Gallery would be able to expand their services by reaching every corner of the state.

I wouldn't ask if I didn't know the difference HGA made in the lives of kids who are waiting for a forever family. 

"There are no unwanted children, just unfound families." 

P.S. You can search for foster children available in your own neck of the woods by visiting Adopt US Kids. 

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