The {Guest} Post About Having Kids vs. Not Having Kids

Today's guest rabbit stalker is Ricky Anderson of Ricky Anderson. Yeah, I can hear it. I bumped into Ricky on the internets through a circle of crazy people (see my Twitter feed) and we became friends. Friends who read each others' blogs. Friends who let each other win at Words With Friends. Yes Ricky, I'm letting you win every game...you're welcome. Ricky is funny...in my favorite way...quick and subtle wit. Enjoy and comment.

Oh, how we used to laugh.

My wife and I would pull up at a store or restaurant, and there we'd see it - the tall-tale minivan.

We'd park and start the timer while we watched.

Door open. Parent out. Sliding door open. Toys fall out. Parent curses and tosses toys back in. Parent unbuckles kid. Toy flies over parent's head. Parent turns red. Kid screams in parent's face. Parent drags kid to back of minivan and opens back hatch. Stroller falls out. Parent yelps in frustration. Kid continues screaming and starts kicking. Parent tries to unfold stroller. Parent tries to unfold stroller. Parent kicks stroller. Stroller unfolds parent. Parent stuffs gyrating squawkbox in stroller. Parent slams back hatch.

Time! 6 minutes, 14 seconds. We'd laugh as we got out and walked to the front door faster than the baby parade.

Fast-forward a few years, and now we've got our 5 month old son, Evan. Who's timing us?

Which got me to thinking about Having Kids vs. Not Having Kids...

Having Kids
Seeing your baby's smile first thing in the morning

Not Having Kids
Sleeping in past 5 AM.

Having Kids
You pack so many provisions for a 7 minute trek to Nanny's house that you look like you're about to embark on the Oregon Trail.

Not Having Kids
You can decide to go on vacation, book a flight, pack and get to the airport, all in under 2 hours.

Having Kids
Seeing how much your baby loves you and completely relies on you.

Not Having Kids
Far less poop.

Having Kids
Creating a safe and nurturing environment for your baby to grow up in.

Not Having Kids
You can actually leave the house and see your friends.

Having Kids
Getting home from work and hearing your son squeal in delight just the sight of you.

What are some differences you've noticed between Having Kids and Not Having Kids?

Ricky Anderson writes stuff. Sometimes people read it. Sometimes he gets boring. That's when he has others write for him. He's on Twitter. He's currently a network administrator at an accounting firm, but he's open to being a movie star. 

Jamie's note: Read his blog. Follow him on Twitter. I mean it. 

Nathan Fillion loves Ricky. But in a cool dude way. Hopefully.

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