The Post About Which Oscar Nominees to See and Skip

The Oscars are this Sunday. That may not even be on your radar, but I adore films and fancy dresses and awkward small talk on a red carpet so I’m counting down the hours.

Dozens of films have been nominated for writing, acting, directing, hairdos and the stuff like that there. I watched them all for you. And they’re not all worthy of your time.

Here's a list of the films nominated for the major awards. I've listed them in order you should see them and where you can catch them.

Wild. (2 nominations) As good as the book, which was perfection. 
March 17: iTunes, Amazon

Selma. (2 nominations) Wow. Everyone should see it. All of us.
In Theaters

Birdman. (9 nominations) Delightful. Quirky, yet superb acting from a fantastic ensemble.
Google Play, iTunes, Amazon

American Sniper. (6 nominations) Not as good as the book, but still great. Bradley Cooper's accent is distracting at time, but then he's so pretty.
In Theaters

Whiplash. (5 nominations) Really just two actors and some jazz music. But intense and so very good. 
February 24: Amazon, iTunes

The Imitation Game. (8 nominations) Benedict Cumberbatch is beloved for a reason. Thriller and learning history all in one. 
In Theaters

Gone Girl. (1 nomination) The book is magic…dark magic. The movie captures that darkness perfectly. If you don’t like weirdness, it’s not for you.
Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Redbox, Netflix DVD

The Theory of Everything. (5 nominations) It's a beautiful true story of romance and science. If you can pretend they didn't eventually divorce, then it's worth it. 
iTunesAmazonGoogle Play, Redbox, Netflix DVD

Still Alice. (1 nomination) It will break your heart in all the ways you think.
In Theaters

Foxcatcher. (5 nominations) Steve Carell is worth the hype. It's based on a true story that's fascinating. However, it's weak in several areas which is why it didn't get a nod for Best Picture.
March 3: iTunes, Amazon

Nightcrawler. (1 nomination) It's a ruthless thriller set in the world of LA crime reporting. It's a lot to digest, but good.
iTunes, Amazon

Boyhood. (6 nominations) Hmm...I wanted it to have a plot beyond just normal day-to-day life. It does not.
iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Redbox, Netflix DVD

The Grand Budapest Hotel. (9 nominations) Director and Screenwriter Wes Anderson gathers the same old crew for another weird and whimsical film. Good, but shouldn’t have been lauded this way.
HBO GO, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Redbox, Netflix DVD

Into The Woods. (3 nominations) You MUST love singing. And not happy endings.
March 24: iTunes, Amazon

The Judge. (1 nomination) I wanted this film to be good, but it really wasn’t. I think Robert Duvall received a nomination simply because he’s over 80. It's the Betty White effect. 
Amazon, iTunes, Google Play

Inherent Vice. (2 nominations) Nope. Even Reese Witherspoon cannot redeem it.

Two Days, One Night. (1 nomination) It's in French. I CAN'T EVEN YOU GUYS. But it's not bad if you can pay attention to read the screen. This is not my strong suit.
In Theaters (but probably not where you live)

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This is just an overview. For a detailed look at all things Oscar, consider buying my first ebook The Popcast’s Guide to the Oscars. 

One review: "Truly brilliant work on the Oscars guide. My friend was reading excerpts out loud yesterday and we were both cracking up."

What were some of the best films you saw in the last year?

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