When did you start blogging? July, 2008. It was a way to share random moments with my friend Caryann who moved 2,100 miles away. 

What did you say in your first blog post?
"I am attempting to blog. I have usually avoided the commitment due to my pride of trying to be witty and eloquent. I have sacrificed those goals in order to capture some moments. Bear with me."

What I've found is more and more folks have chosen to bear with me. Thank you rabbit readers! 

Why is the blog called Jamie's Rabbits? My name is Jamie and I have this frustrating habit of “chasing rabbits” when I speak - ask any of my coworkers. This simply means I tend to get off topic and follow after another subject. My blog tends to be a different "rabbit" every day. 

Who are you? Event planner, marketing director, blogger, single (but on the prowl), sister, daughter, aunt, fairy godmother, friend, small group leader, volunteer, consumer, and Christ follower. I'm also an amateur photographer and more amateur baker. 

Consumer? What do you consume? More than I should. But here's a short list:
Should I send you stuff? Absolutely. Particularly anything related to the above list. 

What do you write about? The rabbit tales generally revolve around things I find amusing. Some get a tad more serious and some get a tad more ridiculous. There is no theme. Unless random is a theme. Is it? It is.

Why should I read your blog? That's really your call. I find it's a nice break from things that make you stress out like jobs, children, driving, and lines at the supermarket. I do not condone surfing the web while driving. Do as I say, not as I do. 

What are your best tips to newbie bloggers? Learn to love Google search and don't be afraid to ask smarter people who understand the term "h-t-m-l" for help. Plus, camp out at www.problogger.net and consider joining the folks at www.killertribes.com. 

May I email you? Why, yes you may. 

May I follow you on Twitter? It's my favorite so you should. 

May I like you on Facebook? But of course. 

May I marry you? There is an extensive screening process, but if you own a Chick-Fil-A, there is a special expedited exception. 

Does this blog represent your employer? Nope. Work hard, play hard. Note the comma. 

Are there any other disclaimers about my experience at Jamie's Rabbits? Yes. This is a personal blog. I'm responsible for no one's opinion other than my own. And even then, that can change, evolve, devolve, or be influenced by pretty things and even prettier people. I reserve the right to delete any comments I find to be icky. I also reserve the right to determine what "icky" means. I make no promises that archived content is still valid, but I am continuously crossing my fingers. 

I also make no guarantees you will enjoy your time here, but here's to hoping.
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