Guest Posting

Composition Notebook
I'm a fan of handing over the keys to the rabbit chaser. I have just a few guidelines... suggestions, really.

Funny. It can be educational, inspirational, and/or quite pointless. But it must include humor. That's the star I'm always chasing. 

I like shiny things, so your post should be brand new and not reprinted from anywhere else.

Longer than a tweet. Shorter than a novella. For you legalists...think shorter than 800 words.

HTML. If those letters scare you, then we can chat. 

I'm all visual and junk so I fancy post images. However, the image must be available for legal reuse (Creative Commons license). Plus, the images must include a link to the original location online as well as full credit to the owner. No thieving here.

Images can be any size, but the max width is 640 pixels.

I reserve the right to go all English teacher on you and edit minor grammatical and punctuation mistakes.


It would be snazzy if you would linkback to Jamie's Rabbits on your blog and social media outlets on the day the post runs.

If after all that, you're in it to win it, then go forth and email me at

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