The Post About 490

A friend of mine used the phrase today - “I'm running out of second chances for him.” She was referencing a relationship that's been a bit of a struggle for several years. My heart went out to her and I tried to think of some great thing to say with no luck. I think I actually responded with “that's a tough one.” Profound.

However, God was kind enough to remind me of His guidelines for forgiveness – seventy times seven. When someone brings us any kind of pain – whether with malicious intent or not – we are to forgive them without condition. And without limit. For some reason, that seems like it would be easier for the Son of God to abide by that one than for me. Which I guess is the point. I don't have the right amount of love or patience or kindness or gentleness or self-control to forgive in that way. Only because of God's Spirit working in me and around me, do I even have a chance to show that kind of forgiveness. Seventy times seven.

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