The Post About Alliances

Football. I don't particularly get fired up about the sport - until I watch it. Then I am all about it for some reason. I think it's the same thing I love about Tivo - instant replay.

College football falls somewhere between God and pageants in Alabama and you must make a decision in utero as to where your loyalties will lie. For all intents and purposes, I support the University of Alabama over Auburn University. This decision was made after much research and taking family history into consideration. OR - I simply prefer the color red over orange.

In my family - we are not diehards, which explains the following system of support:
  1. Always root for UA.
  2. Always root for Auburn, unless it conflicts with #1.
  3. Always root for SEC teams unless it conflicts with #1 or #2.
  4. Never root for Tennessee, even if in conflict with #3.
  5. Never root for non-SEC teams, unless their opponent is higher ranked than any SEC team (sans Tennessee.)
My alma mater had an agreement with a past donor to never develop a football team because of the violence. We have rugby instead. The Fighting Emory Eagles!


Don't be afraid if I chase your rabbit comment...

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