The Post About Vacation - Part 2

A few more recaps of my little getaway...

I learned a card game at a FUGE camp in St. Louis more than 7 years ago called MAO. It has gone international.
In MAO, you get "stupid cards" for breaking the rules. My dinner table companions had our waiters, other friends, and complete strangers present me with stupid cards throughout our last night. At least they match my outfit.
When I take trips - I'm most interested in two things: 1. seeing sights I haven't seen and 2. relaxing. I was able to do both during this week. Below, you will see the window seat I occupied for more than 7 hours total while reading the works of Kristen Billerbeck, Ted Dekker and Donald Miller.
I normally avoid trips where kids will appear in over-abundance (boo Disney...). However, our travel agents' children were so crazy great. This is the one I tried to put in my carryon and take home. Hunter, not Caryann.
I got to take a tour of the galley (a sight I've never seen) and got to do it with friends - new and old (as in vintage).Is it sad that I'm already hankering for the beach in October and California in December?

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