The Post About Hunting

I am not a huge fan of animals. Cute puppies that fit in your purse are great, but otherwise, I'm out. I don't even like to eat anything that looks remotely like it did before it was 6 feet under (or on my plate.) No chicken wings. No cracking open a lobster. You would think that this distaste would lend itself to a love for shooting them, but not so much. Hunting almost seems like a stranger fascination. Especially when there are books to be read and planes to be boarded. Of course, to each his or her own. Can I get a hollaback from all my lady hunters, please?

I was in Northport, AL yesterday when I began to tailgate this unique sight:
If your screen fails you, that driver is a self-declared "squirrel hunter." Do you eat squirrel? Wear it? Mount it over your fireplace? If you hunt squirrel, is it because you don't have the tools to hunt anything that doesn't walk a power line or have an anxiety disorder? Strange.

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  1. Surprising fact about Shawn: I have both hunted and eaten squirrel. Believe it or not they do taste like chicken.


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