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I love television. There, I said it. And not just one type of television. I love much of it - from Dirty Jobs to the Colbert Report to Ace of Cakes to Oprah. Even though there are a lot of shows I would watch if they were on and I was sitting casually with no other pressing tasks, there are not many shows that make my "must Tivo" list. Those include: Chuck, House, Pushing Daisies, The Office, Frontline, 30 Rock, and the most beloved Lost. (let's talk about which one of those is not like the other...)

I have added three new little ones to the pile:
1. The Ex List: So fun with quick and witty dialogue. Plus it makes you wonder if Mr. Right was the one who got away... (Not the case for me since almost every one of my exes is married - Hi Andrew!)
2. Fringe: I heart JJ Abrams in an almost stalkerish sort of way. I stayed with Felicity even through the bad hair season. I traveled across the world with Sydney waiting for Vaughn to be the one. I am still on an island in the middle of the Pacific anticipating Sawyer's untimely death. And then there was Fringe - Pacey plus creepy plus quirky. A great equation. (I love JJ so much that I might be willing to see the new Star Trek - might.)
3. Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane: Okay, so techincally it's not new, but I only now have tasted the deliciousness that is Kimora Lee Simmons. I want to be one of her Africasian-American children. Absolutely worth an E! marathon to catch up.

What is your TV addiction?


  1. Kimora Lee Simons kids are the prettiest children on the earth.
    I've been addicted to Golden Girls, Oprah, the Hills, etc. for a while, but my new TV addiction is Wifeswap. :)

  2. My DVR is currently set with the following: Amazing Race, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, House, America's Next Top Model (I am so sad), Pushing Daisies, Survivor, Supernatural, The Office, Super Nanny, and then FSU and Jacksonville Jaguar football games on the weekends. Amazingly enough we find time to squeeze them all in, especially after Christina goes to bed. I think that I could live without my reality TV, but I'm completely codependent on Pushing Daisies, Supernatural, and The Office. :o)

  3. My dvr list is way too long, but I I do love anything C.S.I., and I'm really enjoying Eli Stone again this year. I'm kind of tired of Smallville and Heroes, even thought I still watch them both. I guess if I had to loose all of these I would be okay as long as I can still see Lost & 24. TV will really get good in January this year.

  4. K - I do enjoy some St. Olaf on occasion!
    J - You could watch more television if you used Benedryl. That may have to be your backup plan when you pop out this next snazzy child.
    S - How old is Clark now? It seems like that show has been on forever...


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