The Post About Cupcaking

My friend Kendra's daughter, Reese, had a birthday on Thursday. Here she is in all her one-year-old glory:Like most one-year-olds, she has a picky disdain for certain foods. That night, she decided mandarin oranges would be better served on the floor as she catapulted them from her high chair. She is actually adorable and for a nano-second, I thought my estrogen levels rose enough for me to want a little nugget like her. But then I leaned in closer and saw an enormous amount of snot escaping from her nose and realized she was pooping and eating grilled cheese at the same time. Umm...no.

While at her house, I also got to do my favorite thing - cupcakes. We decorated about more than any party can eat, but Reese's jumbo one turned out pretty precious - vanilla with white icing:

It inspired me, so I made TGIF cupcakes the next day - margarita with lime icing. Yummy.

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