The Post About Enfranchisement

Good news - I voted.

Well, it is probably not good news to those whose vote was cancelled out by mine, but it's always nice to exercise your responsibility as a citizen - don't you think?
I have always believed that all good things happen after 11am and today was no exception. I went to my polling place (aka Bama Bingo Hall) and it took me only 11 minutes to get in and out.

I am now hunkering down with an iced coffee to see the results unfold on 23 different television channels and on the internet and via text message.

I am also already campaigning for us to take a closer look at our bizarre state constitution. Seriously. More than 700 amendments? Umm...no. If you reside in Alabama - consider http://www.constitutionalreform.org/. I did support Amendment #1 (see below) because I would like to keep my job.

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