The Post About Guns and Religion

The economy is in the crapper. We should all be trying to save, right? I have tried to cut back in many areas, but there are some things that I cling to like guns and religion. Here's a list of five sacrifices I am not willing to make quite yet. I might seriously consider cutting them out if it came down to them or electricity in my home. Might.

1. Internet on my Phone. I crave it like heroin. Especially while I am driving. (Better to be surfing on the phone, than having a hit of heroin on the interstate...)
2. Tivo. Another drug of choice.
3. Cheez-Its. Cheese Nips and store-brand cheese crackers are for those missing taste buds at the tip of their tongues.
4. Face Products. I am now closer to death than I have ever been. Therefore, I will be fighting every wrinkle and age spot and puffiness with an arsenal comparable to that of the Taliban.
5. Chick-Fil-A. First of all, it simply tastes yummy. Second of all, it is really like tithing because it's "Christian Chicken." My debit card swipe for an 8-pack of nuggets is really an an act of worship. Wait...

What would you keep on buying even if your wallet suggested otherwise?


  1. 1.) Netflix membership
    2.) Taking family to "Perico's Restaurante Mexicano."
    3.) High Speed Internet (not exactly high speed, but the best I can do in my area.
    4.) Cell phone. Some folks will cut this when finances are tight. I'd rather get rid of our landline.

  2. I am trying to send a picture to my blog from my phone. My email address has an underscore in it. How do you text an underscore? There is not a symbol for it that I see.

  3. 1. Chick-fil-a (I'm with you there.)

    2. Books

    3. Internet

    4. Cell phone (I don't have a land phone)

    5. YMCA membership

  4. 1. World of Warcraft.
    2. Hot dog buns
    3. My kids. There are some people that will sell theirs. Not me. My kids are unsellable.
    4. DVR. It has revolutionized TV for me. I want to fast forward through all commercials now and find that I get angry when I can't.
    5. Books. I feel empty if I don't have a book going.


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