The Post About Prostitution

My lungs have become jealous of my streppy throat and have decided to mutiny. I am now diagnosed with acute bronchitis and an upper respiratory infection. I am camped out on the couch with ginger ale and saltines - a prescription for healing. (I hope...)

I am watching Cold Case Files on A&E. I have blogged before that I don't particularly enjoy scary movies. This avoidance also applies to scary books(Stephen King), tv shows(CSI), commercials(ADT), etc. Because of this I would nornally click right past CCF, but my other options are Rock of Love Charm School or The Outer Limits (neither of which should be watched out of order...). The subject of this CCF is 3 attacked prostitutes. I decide this scenario is so far from my circumstances that there would be no need to get jittery. Unfortunately, every time they show a picture of one of the hookers, she looks exactly like I did in the mirror this morning - messy hair, no makeup, and dead eyes.

I am now going to watch Season 1 of Alias. The only dilemma will be me thinking I can work in espionage.


  1. I hate that you are feeling bad and your lungs got jealous! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. You're so goofy. Feel better soon love!

  3. I don't like watching scary things by myself, either. Eek! I'm sorry that you're still feeling bad. :(


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