The Post About 1500 Parakeets

This article describes how 1500 parakeets were rescued today from a 2-room apartment in Berlin.

I am getting the sneaky suspicion that a similar article will be written about a cozy gray house on the outskirts of Birmingham, Alabama, where 1500 lizards will be rescued. Or at least one sassy single white female rescued from the 1500 lizards.

I had another critter in my laundry room today. I conjured up every ounce of courage and screeched my way through 15 minutes of planning and plotting and executing how to move it from inside to outside. And I did it. I then cracked open two more sticky pads to place in the tiny space hoping to landmine the area for a future breaking & entering. The problem with that? I have gotten myself stuck on them twice so far and they are quite the sticky buggers. Plus, there is a picture of a mouse under the goo which keeps making me think there is a mouse stuck on it. (Albeit, it is a cartoon mouse who's one-dimensional.)

I think there is an intricate labyrinth of tunnels underneath my home where they are living like "The Littles." I loved "The Littles." I do not love lizards.

Any advice?


  1. I am proud of you for getting the lizard out of your house! Three cheers for you!

  2. you should probably either..
    1.) Move


    2.) make peace with the lizards by dressing like a lizard and convincing them you are their lizard queen. Then they'll do whatever you ask.

    Clearly those are your only two options.

  3. Moving would obviously be far less trouble.

    But I do have a spare lizard suit if you're in need.

  4. Tammy - thank you for the cheers! I am proud I was able to muster up the courage :)

    Shawn/Sam - I heart my casa, so that seems out. But even pictures of lizards now freak me out, so being lizard queen is definitely out. I guess it's time to call 2 Men & a Truck.

  5. I love the Lizard costume idea; we could get a barney head and paint it green.

  6. Do they make Barney costume heads that big.

  7. Hi Pot. Kettle is on the other line for you.

  8. When I went back and read that post, I read it to the tune of Paint it Black.

    "Let's get a Barney head
    so Jamie can paint it green..."


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