The Post About Bathroom Choices

When I was at Mississippi State University on Saturday for my brother's college graduation, I experienced something very disturbing. It took me three attempts in the bathroom to find a stall that had been flushed. Umm...no. At the time, I gave the credit to the women of Mississippi, but then I saw this today in a bathroom stall at a state building in the capital of Alabama:

When did our potty etiquette become so lax that it required hidden cameras to catch perps? There are similar notices in the ladies' room at my office in Birmingham. (and the term "ladies" is relative if it requires such signage.) I know that some people live by the creed: "If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down." But please note - this is only in your home with consenting family members. A mantra you should repeat is "If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie." This is appropriate at home or away.

Other bathroom guidelines?


  1. "I don't swim in your toilet, so please don't pee in my pool."

    Oh wait, that doesn't apply here does it?

  2. is this an opportunity to talk about leaving the water running while you brush your teeth?

    I remember being young and hearing some sort of informercial or lesson at school that went something along the lines of, "Don't leave the water running when you brush your teeth, or you steal water from hundreds of thousands of people in third world countries who will all die of thirst and their blood will be on your hands."

    Okay, maybe it wasn't that severe, but I remember thinking..."duh. Who on EARTH would leave the water running when they brush their teeth?!"

    So I dutifully saved Africa from the mid-80's all the way to 2005.

    Then I got married.

    I don't know how Africa is doing, but I'm pretty sure my house is partially responsible for Georgia almost running out of water last summer.

  3. Along with that - when someone is talking on their cell phone while using the bathroom!
    Umm....no on that one also!

  4. As you might imagine I have several comments.
    1. You should only courtesy flush if the smell is that bad or the sound is that offensive. taking a picture is not required but could be apprecaited in some circles. Hint: He now lives in Minnesota and his name begins with "R" and ends in "eggie Nichols".
    2. Who ever has to monitor the cameras for the offensive "deposits" really has a crappy job. Yuk yuk. Puns abound.
    3. My desk is very near our bathroom at work. When I make coffe in the mornings I will take the old coffee and pur it into the toilet. I love to see people go into the bathroom just to watch them turn around and rail at whoever left the "mess" in the bathroom without flushing. This really makes my day. Is this wrong?

  5. Scott & Joseph - you should blog about these issues too - your passion is evident and comical.

    Tammy - I am not going to deny that I have perhaps, maybe, possibly chatted on the phone while "multitasking"


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