The Post About Cheerfulity

I ran out to Old Navy today at lunch to "quickly" pick up some gifts for my godsons (they don't read this blog so it won't ruin the surprise - they actually don't read at all...) Quickly didn't happen when I realized 12, count 'em, 12 shoppers were in front of me to check out. This is my spot with a view:

Immediately I felt the bah humbug wash over me. Until I remembered a phone conversation from an hour earlier with Christy Mixon. I had shared in Sunday School this week about finding ways to give back. My friend Caryann had suggested keeping food in your car to give to those you meet who are hungry. So I passed out packs of peanut butter crackers for folks in our class to give. I had also shared a tip on paying for the car behind you at a drive-thru. That's why Christy called. She had gone to McDonald's in our neighborhood and done just that. The cashier asked her if it was "part of her religion?" She was only able to chat for a moment but it definitely ministered to him and to the customer waiting for their comped meal.

So I left Old Navy and crossed off Chick-Fil-A and headed to McDonald's. (I figure more folks needing a cheap meal eat there instead of my beloved, but costly ChristianChicken.) The only bad thing is that I didn't really want credit for it, but you pay and get your meal at two different windows. I overhead the cashier tell the woman in the silver Cavalier "I'm not kiddin'. That girl paid for yours and said 'Merry Christmas.'" She responded "Get out!" I tried to look busy, but could not ignore the woman once she put half of her body out of the car window and yelled "Hey Girl! Thank You!" I smiled and said "God bless" and went to munching my fabulous fries. The bah humbug was gone.

I don't share these stories for a pat on the back, but as evidence of what God can do when we give with some cheer (2 Corinthians 9:7).

Any other ideas of how to be a giver?


  1. Crap! Now you've gone and made me feel like I need to do something more than just enjoy my semi-healthy lunches next week. How dare you. =)

  2. Giving is fun. And you should stay out of Old Navy...then you would have more to give.

  3. Jamie,

    Great post. I love be able to bless other people :-) Have a great Christmas..

  4. You should have been in Old Navy Dec 23rd..it was worse!

    I tried to pay it forward in the Starbucks drive through..til the person behind me had a $7 cup of coffee. I went back to bah humbug. :)

    PS..I love the Christianchicken comment!


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