The Post About Fightin' Grannies

My church hosts an annual Chili and Dessert cook-off each year in January. Picture 25 crock-pots lined up and enough sugar to lose a foot.

I have competed the last three years to disastrous results. One of the dessert judges suggested I make something not-so-sweet in order to be more competitive. I started researching all things post-entree over 6 weeks ago in order to find the perfect entry. I thought God had provided a lamb via an email from the Food Network. Big and bold in all its HTML glory was this:

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese icing. Winner of the #1 dessert of 2008.

I thought if I combined this accoladed recipe with my sassy mixer, then it was in the bag. I continued to think this even as I placed those beautiful little sugar/flour/butter nuggets into my Cupcake Courier. Isn't she pretty?

However, I had miscalculated the competition. Specifically, women over 65. This demographic is disproportionately represented in my faith family. This can be good when you want warm hugs and sweet smiles. But when you are headed to the starting line of a cooking competition? Umm...no. These are women who were raised cooking with one pot and a Bic lighter. Who used the sun to make tea and kept the pig as a pet until it was time for bacon.

For me to even think I could have my pathetic cupcakes placed on the same table as their perfect pies and terrific trifles - was a battle with pride I was sure to lose.

And I did.

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  1. I fought the grannies and lost too! and I made fudge and Ralph was even one of the judges!! But even though I lost the battle, I ate some awesome food (including your cupcakes!)


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