The Post About High Five

I love bi-partisan humor.

Blogger note: This video is snazzy and uplifting. Not all funnyordie videos are....


  1. Funny or die is often hilarious. But I'm not sure yet that I've found any of their videos I'd be willing to play in the services at church.

    You need to be sure to see the Ron Howard video on there. It's very creative.
    It would be a great video, except for the fact that he's spouting his liberal, tree hugging, socialists agenda. Seeing both the Fonz and Andy Griffith sharing those beliefs almost made me cry.

  2. This one you could show...although the response might be lukewarm.

    Nick @ Night voted for Barack Obama. I know that truth may hurt.

  3. See that cross walk at :45 seconds?
    I've leap-frogged across that. =]

  4. That is 3:52 out of my life that I will never get back. Thanks.


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