The Post About Hearting a Shih Tzu

This blog will be very audience-specific.

I watched the Lost prep course at 7pm(CST) which is always helpful. I can never remember everything about everybody. Too much faux sweetener in my life.

Here are my reactions as I watched the series premiere:
**8:15am...it's all about the details – I love Darlton.

**Who knew the creepy video scientist had a cute nugget baby and more aliases than you can count?
**Shut up. Cutie patootie Danny Faraday is in the past?
**Jack still needs to shave. Look,Jack shaved. Thank you, McLostie.
**Sawyer has no shirt and Rose was at church? I need closed captioning.
**The so-called life Dad is waving papers at Kate and her no-legitimate son, Aaron. He doesn't know he's dealing with a tracker.
**It's Eko's heroin mother of Jesus plane...or is it? Ethan would like to know. Wait, Ethan? Buh, bye Ethan.
Quote Break “So when are we now, whiz kid?”
**Motherhood may not have helped Sun with her rage issues.
**I hope Sayid takes a straightener with him back to the island. His hair looks better when it's did.
Quote Break “Maybe if you ate more comfort food, you wouldn't have to go around shooting people.”
Quote Break “I need a cool code name.”
**I'm going to start putting scotch tape on my doors to inform me when the lizards have crossed the threshold. Nifty tip, Sayid. Who knew my dishwasher could be a weapon? Mine's probably not since I've been cleaning the same glass for 3 weeks and it can't get rid of that dumb spot.
**I want whatever Oil of Olay that lovely Richard is using. I love you Senor Senior, Jr. Yes, I know it's you.
**Ahh...tenderhearted Sawyer combined with choking Sawyer. Still no shirt.
**I am going to start asking God for a sexy husband who says “bruh-tha” in or out of a haz mat suit. But he and I will not be living on a boat.
**Oooh...backshadowing. Hurley holds grudges? Maybe not. Ana Lucia? She's dead,yet helpful. I wish we could have seen Haley Joel Osment's reflection in the windshield.
**There is no better place to buy clothes than the Flying J. Especially if you love your dog and maybe have man boobs..
**And Neil said “Let there be fire.” Suddenly I'm watching Braveheart.
**Yep, motherhood has definitely made Sun quite frustrated. Purple is the new black and Sun is the new Ben.
**That was the best explanation of 4 seasons ever. Thank you Hurley. Sadly, I now feel slightly silly for watching this show. And owning those 4 seasons on DVD.
**It must be humid in Cali or those darts were full of water, because Sayid's hair has taken a turn for the worst.
**Nothing ruins a hot pocket like a disturbed Benjamin popping in unannounced. Don't believe him, Hurley. Don't do it. Uh oh. The “I'm-going-to-believe-him” music is playing. And...
Quote Break: “Never dude.”
**Hi Jeremy Bentham. Nice to see your knife.
**Hi Ms. Hawking. Nice to see your math.

Previews: Yes. Kiss her Sawyer. Move on.


  1. Great episode. Great blog. I've got way too many comments to try to write here WHILE driving to work. But I will ask 'why does Walt not have to come back? & Did anyone else notice that frogurt was the same guy from the "got milk" 'aaron burr' commercial? I knew he was a gone-er.

  2. “Maybe if you ate more comfort food, you wouldn't have to go around shooting people.” Thank you Hurley...Myspace quotes will now be good again.


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