The Post About I Drove All Night

It's Friday. I'm thinking about my summer event - Camp APAC, planning classes for adoptive families and sleeping late in the morning. And then sleeping late again on Monday - thank you MLK. (for that and civil rights).

I went to a Celine Dion concert last night at the BJCC (for free - thank you United Way). You can love or hate her, but you cannot disrespect her ability to put on a show. My friend, Kara, has decided to start using Celinisms when she is on praise team at our church. This would include beating her chest and making faces while singing Amazing Grace with a French Canadian accent. She will also need to wear this outfit:

Yes, those are sparkling pants. Kara commented that if you have diamond panties, you pretty much must wear them on the outside.

Other notes:

1. A couple of Celine's dresses were a tad short. We might have seen her petticoat junction on the jumbotron.
2. Four of Celine's dancers were men, three were women, and one was somewhere in-between.
3. I unknowingly dialed a co-worker from my hip pocket when we got back in the van and left a multi-minute evening recap, including the fact that some Birmingham police officers look like men but are really women who take parking very seriously. You're welcome, Lisa.

I start a new weekend segment tomorrow called "The Rabbit Recommends." (Your feedback becomes a reality).

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  1. So, I am NOT ashamed to say that I was totally at that concert! Amy and I bought tickets over a year before the show...that's right November 2007 we were ready to go, then sadly found out that the event would actually not take place until January 2009. Then we found out we were moving to Atlanta, only then to find out she would be performing there the night after the Birmingham show. Needless to say we drove all night and I can't say that I've seen a better show.

    I would like to agree that Celine needs to add about 2 inches on each dress and tell the he/she dancer to either shave the arm pits or lose the fake boobs...I'm just saying.


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