The Post About 9 to 5

I'm in cupcake pajamas catching up on some Tivo after being out of town for work. (Thank you Jin and Danielle and Drew.)

This was my room with a view yesterday at hour 6 of an 8 hour meeting:

I was camped out in a portable camping chair in the back popping ADD pills and SweetTarts trying to stay connected. It's not that these meetings aren't productive - but much of the material on this day included topics which aren't a part of my job. Then you toss in graphs and numbers and team decision-making and this gal is looking for shiny things in her handbag.

I will say there are very few other people whom I'd rather be trapped in a conference room with. They really care about the families we serve and information we provide. This team is making a difference in the world of adoption. It's nice to have a back row foldable seat with cup holder to take it all in.

How's your job?


  1. My job is awesome. Thanks for asking.
    Oh wait...=/

    My current job is trying to figure out the boiling point of 1,3-dimethyl-4-hexene.

    So if you're asking about that one, the correct descriptive word would be: unsuccessful.

  2. Mine is more 7 to 4. And it involves really good people doing a really boring job. I get a chance to be Jesus to some of the people that I work with and that is a good thing. But it is often times a very bored Jesus. I have been on this schedule for nearly 4 years now. 7 to 4 is starting to get very old.

  3. Gotta love APAC! :)


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