The Post About Torturing Tivo

I'm home. And home is a Comfort Suites in Montgomery, Alabama where I'm at a work retreat. I really love my coworkers and actually would claim some of them as my favorite people. I wanted to forsake them to watch this television show last night. I didn't. And God rewarded me with Strawberry Cake and winning Phase 10.

Hopefully Tivo will show love to its mother when I return by remembering what happened on and off the Island. (If not, then time out or waterboarding will be in order.)


  1. Jamie,

    You don't know what you missed last night! It was awesome! Well it was ok, but if you can't wait you can get on the ABC website and watch it. I am still wondering how this (Sawyer, Jack and kate) triangle will turn out.

  2. Chris, I'm sure one of the guys is gonna have to die sacrificing himself for her. I don't see any other good resolution to it.

  3. I'm about to start watching the Tivo and I can tell you that the "triangle" will end with Sawyer's hair catching on fire and him drowning in a puddle.

    That may have been an episode I watched in my head.


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