The Post About Fasten Your Seatbelt

These are some pics from the cake made by the Ace of Cake's team for Lost's 100th episode:

Here are my reactions to tonight's Lost episode "316."
**Jack is my favorite, but he needs to pluck. Guys – manscaping is your friend.

**I bet my church has a basement like that where they prep communion and haze the deacons..
**Mrs. Hawking was my favorite Ya Ya. However, she's a very creepy storyteller.
**Always good when Jesus and His disciples make a cameo.
**That's right – Jack and Kate love each other. Or something like that.
**Umm...why are we not reading the note?
**I would like Hurley and Sayid answers. Plus, what happened to Ben's face?
**Read the note, Jack. Security wants you to read it.
**SHUT UP!!!
**Quote Break: Jack: "How can you read?" Ben "My mother taught me how."
**SHUT UP!!!

Preview: Hi John. I look forward to your crazy next week.


  1. Shut up!!! - Hahaaaa no seriously. It went off and I feel completely . . . lost.

  2. Best quote of the show.

    Jack: Whats gonna happen to the rest of the people on the plane?

    Ben: Who cares? Classic Ben

    My questions are:

    Who beat up Ben?
    Who was the woman with Sayid?
    How was hugo able to leave the country?
    How did Jacks grandfather get the shoes?

    Whats next?

  3. Sam-that's why I have to make my Tivo hang in there for 5 extra minutes each week. I noticed that next week, the show officially runs until 9:05 - be a good boy scout.

    Chris-Great quote! My answers to your questions:
    1. Don't know.
    2. Don't know.
    3. Don't know.
    4. Don't know.
    5. Can't wait to find out!

  4. Jamie I found a pretty good blog about everyones favorite show. Check it out when you get a chance. http://lost-and-gone-forever.blogspot.com/


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