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Speaking of rationalization...

I went to a Silent Auction last week benefiting Heart Gallery Alabama - an organization I can't say enough good things about. Their tagline is "There are no unwanted children, only unfound families." Isn't that the best? If you don't live in my lovely state, you can find your own Heart Gallery by clicking here.

Back to square one - rationalization. While I was attending this fab fundraiser, I got sucked in. There's no more potent justification to buy things than "it's for the children, with no homes or parents." Luckily, my budget intervened and reminded me I wasn't, in fact, made of money. And just because I wanted the spa package where a facialist, masseuse, and yoga instructor came to my home - it didn't mean I could take a lien on my 401(k) to get it.

But I did not settle. Here's what my dollars got me:

The artist is Lindsey Stone, who did a mighty fine job (and that's not just my addiction talking...)

Sidebar - Patrick, my 22-year-old friend who will go anywhere the governor might be, attended the shindig as well. While there, he was accosted by two 50-something cougars who had picked up his scent after downing a few glasses of free wine. I've never seen a look of despair like the one on his face when one of them began stroking his arm. Of course, he asked for this. Patrick has said he doesn't limit his potential mate by age. His exact words are "I'm not afraid to pull around a woman's oxygen tank." But when the wrinkles met the road - he was tipping the valet.


  1. Knowing Patrick makes that story so enjoyable. Great blog.

  2. I remember the first time Patrick said that line. I laughed so hard I almost had a heart attack.


  3. Lol, Patrick, you, and Joseph need to have a daytime talk show.

  4. Patrick should just attach a webcam to his head and call it a career.


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