The Post About Jamie Needs To Stop His Whining

I've stood my ground against submitting to the tagging Facebook phenomenon "25 Random Things About Me." Even though more than 5 million folks posted this meme in the first week of February alone - I choose to let you get to know the obscure things about me the proper way - by reading my very public too-much-information blog. (You can also be single and fabulous and buy me dinner at Cafe Dupont after leaving your shift as an airline pilot - I promise you'll get the full scoop.)

But this one produced too much fodder to leave unreplied.

Here are the instructions: Google your name and the word "needs" in quotes and see what you get. List the first 5 entries:

My Googles
1. Jamie needs a kid.
2. Jamie needs mental help.
3. Jamie needs a bit of help to get up on the bed.
4. Jamie needs a poo.
5. Jamie needs to grow up and stop making all those horrible faces.

Depending on the day - most of these are true. You should post yours in the comments.

Post title is #6.


  1. Okay, mine are-

    1. What Ben needs right now is for the Red Sox to win the World Series.

    2. Ben needs to start doing his own writing and self promotion!

    3. Big Ben needs a crutch- you're welcome, Pittsburg.

    4. Big Ben needs a body of steel to win Super Bowl XXLIII
    5. Dr. Ben needs our support now.

    The next few were funnier, so...

    6. At 16, Big Ben needs no wakeup call.

    7. Big Ben needs a bigger helmet.

    8. Ben needs more ORANGE and less finance.

    9. Ben needs the beard back.

    10. All Ben needs is her.

  2. Jill Needs:

    1. Jill needs to earn enough money to buy a new skateboard that costs $48.50.
    2. Jill needs Jack
    3. Jill Needs You
    4. Jill needs to go out
    5. Jill needs to move someplace that doesn't necessitate wearing socks half the year.


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