The Post About Spinning Plates

I love a gadget that can multi-task. I own a microwave that's also a toaster oven which lets me nuke the frozen dinner and toast the garlic bread all for the same meal. I have a television that lets me watch great shows live and records them while I'm away. I spend more time than necessary with a phone that makes calls, checks email, and locates the closest Starbucks. I even have an oven that bakes the cupcakes and heats the house all at the same time (I need to make sure my carbon monoxide detector works...)

This is simply a reflection of my own personality (or ADD diagnosis.) I need to feel as productive as possible at any given moment. When I'm at work - I listen to Pandora so I can keep up with new music I might come to love. I eat lunch at my desk so I can catch up on headlines and twits and RSS feeds. But the worst? Driving. I've already chattered about my issues in the car, but Satan is trying to make me idle through the legislative system. The Alabama House of Reps voted to make it illegal to text while driving. Umm...what am I supposed to do behind the wheel? Just drive? Ugh.

While I'm typing this, I'm also defragmenting. Don't hold me back - I'm a mover and a shaker.

Are you a multi-tasker?


  1. Here's a crazy idea for what to do when you're behind the wheel.

    Concentrate on guiding the 3000+lbs of Japanese engineering through all of the other people that are trying to do anything but drive. It is crazy to expect people the focus on driving. I mean there is so much to do.

    Joke of the Day.
    Why are drunk drivers better than female drivers?

    Because they are at least "trying" to drive.

    Observation of the day:
    You are not complaining about our government taking time to introduce and debate a law that further erodes personal freedom and accountability are you? Who are you and what have you done with Jamie?

  2. Speaking of multi tasking devices...

    Do you know why women don't need to buy a watch? Because there's a clock on the stove.

  3. First of all - I'm considering blocking both Joseph & Shawn from this blog and my life.

    But Joseph's actually right about my leaning slightly to the right in this rabbit. I originally had a line that read "The biggest elephant in my life - Joseph - will appreciate this post." It didn't make the final draft but is true.

  4. All of you are bad, bad, bad! :)
    Yeah, for NO TEXTING!!!!!!

  5. Ah Jamie. You're so sweet. You know that this makes you the biggest donkey in my life.

  6. Joseph, your comments are way too long.

    ...oh wait

  7. Jamie,

    I am sure they will come out with a app for your phone that will let you voice text. I don't know is that an oxymoron? I am all for multi-tasking but when I am out on the Super Speedway we call 65 I am too busy drafting, blocking and avoiding the Big One to be able to text..

  8. iheartmusic.com is another cool place for free music.

    By the way, if they passed no txting while driving I would feel much safer when cruzin' around Forestdale...hehe.

  9. Come to the darkside where we don't like our lives legislated. There is glorious freedom. Or move to Cali. It will turn you into a Republican for sure.


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