The Post About Follow the Rabbits

There are a number of ways of following Jamie's Rabbits:

RSS Feeds: If you like to visit multiple blogs or websites, you might want to try subscribing to their RSS Feeds. I use Google Reader (thanks to a suggestion by Scott Crews) and subscribe to 43. All the feeds of that HUGE number empty into my easy breezy feed reader when anything new is published. No need to visit 43 websites everyday just checking to see if there is a new article on Gyllenspoon. On my blog, you can do this by clicking on the orange RSS symbol at the very top right hand corner. This will direct you through the process of setting up a free “feed reader” account.

Twitter: By signing up for a free Twitter account and then choosing to follow me you will receive a “Tweet” (short 140 word description) when a new post is ready to read. I love this method because you can follow me, Han Solo and Tina Fey.

Subscribe: You can sign up as an email subscriber to this blog in the section to the right titled, “Rabbits by Email." You'll receive emails about any new posts along with a link to the full article. This is perfect for my Mom who finds the rest of these options a tad complex.

Social Bookmarking: You’ll notice at the bottom of every post on the blog there’s a little button with the word "share" on it. If you put your cursor over this button a little window opens up that allows you to share the post on a variety of "bookmarking" sites. Some of the more popular ones are Digg, Facebook, and Delicious. In bookmarking my posts, you have a way of finding them later when you need them but you also spread the great news about Jamie's Rabbits. How about "good" news?

Visit: Bookmark this page to check out my latest posts. No need to get "too" attached to me. I completely understand.

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