The Post About A Rabbit's Recap

Tomorrow is a big day in the life of my blog - 200 posts. This will be the last anniversary I'll be celebrating in hopes this has simply become a regular part of my life (unlike not having a french fry in 76 days which is a discipline I would drop in a nano-second if given the right circumstances.)

My rants and raves and randomness have only been a moment compared to some of my favorite writers who've been putting it out there for 1000's of posts. This leads to a dilemma when I come late to their party. It's hard to catch up. I had a reader tell me he spent hours trying to revisit all the the crazy from the last 8 months of my life. He suggested I share a list of my favorite posts. This is me hearing and doing:

a. Dirty Jobs: Anytime a writer can combine Mike Rowe and universal healthcare - it's a good post.
b. Traffic: I'm a productive driver. Don't send me pictures of babies who almost died from being hit by a texter. Just don't.
c. Pretty - Part 1: I manage conflict like most folks - act as if it doesn't happen and pretend to talk on my cell.
d. If I Could: This is one of the best glimpses into my true self. My wallpaper is selfish.
e. Being Dainty: Oh, to go back to having only one lizard.
f. Halloween Candy: You Smarties lovers need to step back.
g. Malaise: I'm at my best with matted hair and in a pseudoephedrine-induced euphoria.
h. Thanks and No Thanks: I love lists and sarcasm. Combine the two for a delicious dish of "take that!"
i. Fairy Godmothering (The Epilogue): Children are scary but make for great stories.

Any great blogs you would recommend?


  1. Guider and pointer? I get the guider but not the pointer.

  2. I have enjoyed your 200 posts and I am looking forward to 200 more!!


Don't be afraid if I chase your rabbit comment...

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