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--Down Emory Lane Edition--


Yes - I was a double major in Sociology and Women's Studies. The reading lists were diverse, but nothing provided more practical application than Deborah Tannen's "You Just Don't Understand." She proposes many of the conflicts between the sexes result from simple difference in communication styles. One of my fave theories is we learn to communicate based on games we play as kiddies. Boys tend to play games with an end or goal - sports, video games, even cops and robbers (death is the finale of that one.) Girls tend to engage in activities where there's no goal - house, grocery store, doctor's office, etc. Therefore, boys talk to solve problems and girls chat to build relationships. This plays out in some fascinating ways, but I'm not going to read the book for you.


Thursday nights in the Fall of my freshman year (1994) were great for television. Friends and ER debuted and captured the hearts of Dickey Dorm. You were a Rachel, Phoebe, or Monica (I was sadly more a Chandler) and you scanned the Quad daily for the pre-med John Carter. ER will take its final bow on April 2, but this week's episode is the one to watch. George Clooney returns as the sexier-than-sexy-can-be Dr. Ross. My Tivo is set.


I discovered a whole new world of music when I went to college (not that Amy Grant and Paula Abdul weren't fulfilling). One artist I became slightly obsessed with was Sarah McLachlan. This solo piano version of "Possession" is the best.

What reads, watches, or listens take you back?

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  1. And I bet the set that they film George Clooney on will look just like the set of ER. You wait and see.


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