The Post About Class of 1998

Since I've already gone there - let's talk about Emory. My alma mater provided four of the loveliest years of my short-ish life. I know not everyone can reminisce on their college years with stars in their eyes because they may have dropped out or divorced a classmate, but for me it was bliss. Here are some reasons why:

1. Two extraordinary roommates. Jen and Ang loved me in spite of my messiness and my seemingly inability to pay the power bill on time.
2. A great education. Small class sizes and actual professors (no offense to TAs). It cost a premium, but you can get a nice payment plan of $49.95 per month until Social Security kicks in (for your grandchildren.)
3. New view of the world. I learned the art of volunteering and discovered the world's a much bigger place than my mind had imagined. I served in housing projects, domestic violence shelters, and on clean-up crews.
4. The purpose of a major. For some, a college major is a means to a paycheck. My advisor, perhaps in a mary-jane-induced state, recommended I leave Math behind and pursue classes I loved. That included the liberal arts highlights - Sociology, Women's Studies, and African American Studies. Confession: A paycheck was a bit of a needle in the professional haystack due to this study path.
5. A change in leanings. My faith and politics were explored without help - no youth group or parents to guide the way. A wonderful gift. Confession: My father is only now starting to claim his femi-nazi bleeding heart daughter who reads a non King James version of the Word.

I loved the campus so much I planted a little homage in my front yard.

What did you love about college? (And it's never too late to go!)


  1. I loved college too! I wish I could become one of those old lady alums who gives a ton of money every year, but i won't be that rich. Instead I'll be one of those alums who goes to all kinds of reunion events. I agree with college exposing you to different views, projects and other things and letting you figure out your own opinions and goals on your own. I had some of the neatest opportunities and met wonderful people. I already wish I could go to college again..... =)

  2. Have you told Jen and Ang that your college habits are spilling over into your life as a homeowner also?

  3. What? Jamie hasn't changed her ways? I knew that I should have been suspicious when the pictures she showed me of her house had page numbers and "Better Homes and Gardens" printed on the bottom of them...


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