The Post About Lost: Polar Bear Poop

This post is audience-specific. These are my reactions to the Lost Episode “Some Like it Hoth.”

**Hi Miles. Follow that white rabbit.
**Quote Break: Miles: “That ditch had a gun?”
**Welcome to Daddy Issues #4815162342
**Shout out to global warming. Hehe.
**Hi Naomi. You must go to Ben's bad-weave-lovin'-hairdresser.
**Isn't lying supposed to be one of Kate's strengths?
**Who did not see that revelation coming? Maybe not in such a clever Massengil quote.
**Is it Jughead that lies in the shadow of the statue? No? What is it?

**Who were those boys in the creepy pedophile van?
**Quote Break: Hurley: "Maybe he'll let you hold baby you."
**I'd like to see the Hurley-ized Empire Strikes Back. Wouldn't you?
**So many life lessons from Star Wars. If you don't communicate with others, you'll lose a hand or be forced to live with Ewoks.
**DANIEL!!!! I've missed you and your brain!!!

Preview: "All new Lost special" means filler. Boo.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Big LOST fan here....

    See you around the e-course!

  2. hullo there!
    oh, a Lost fan!!!!!! i never before encountered one *marks day in calendar* and am very thrilled :-D
    the "maybe he'll let you hold baby you" line was my favourite of last week. hilarious.
    take care, Rabbit One (do you have a number on you?)


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