The Post About How You're Driving Me Crazy

I'm riding with coworkers to a meeting a couple hours away. We're chatting about pet peeves. I've previously shared my "sunrise frustrations" and my method of coping (which may include a half-naked picture of Matt Lauer).

Here are some of my current peeves:
**People who update their facebook status while they're on the honeymoon. Don't you have better things to do (or maybe not...)
**People who type in all caps. Calm down, we can hear you.
**People who use the phrase 110%. I was a Math major for 10 minutes in college and I learned 100% is actually the whole kit and kaboodle.

Here's some input from my coworkers (names have been changed to protect the not-so innocent):
Mandi: People who walk on wet floors. She is a cleaning advocate.
Hummer: Cars who don't recognize the function of the left lane. The function is passing. Road rage not included.
Terri: "Friends" at dinner who abuse the serving staff and then don't tip. Hateful is not a pretty color on anyone.

What annoys you?


  1. 1. People who use their brakes to merge.
    2. Actors who are also activists. As if your ability to act like someone else qualifies you to tell everyone else how they should think and act.
    3. People who tell me how nice I look on the one day a year I wear a suit to church. We all know that this less a statement about how I currently look and more a commentary on how I look the rest of the time. Why do some people think they can comment on my appearance but would be offended if I were to do the same thing.
    4. MIDGETS.

  2. Uhm...

    1) People anthropomorphizing the cross.

    2)Time Travel in Literature and television can raise my hackles, but when people start talking about it seriously, it's annoying. Time does not exist. It is a measure of growth and decay. Like how a meter is a man made measurement. Without something to compare, it does not exist as we know it.

    3)Animals wearing clothes, animals singing, animals walking on their hind legs. They freak me out, okay?

  3. 1) People who leave time on the microwave and don't clear it out.

    2) People who type out text messaging abbreviations on the computer. I mean, I get it if you have a regular 10-key phone, but if you have a blackberry or a keyboard, there's no excuse.

    3) People who drive trucks but can't park them.

    I'm guilty of the Facebook status update from an obscure place. I'm always updating it at the end of a hike, or out on a date with my hubbie...

  4. "People who update their facebook status while they're on the honeymoon. Don't you have better things to do"

    LOL, that would totally be me... except it'd be Twitter.

  5. 1) I have to agree with Hummer -- it infuriates me to get behind someone who is driving under the speed limit in the passing lane. Those are the days I wish our cars were equipped with big rubber bumpers so that we could push those folks out of the way!


  6. Jamie,

    I have to concur with Hummer, Terri and Joseph 1, 2, 3

    Not sure about the Honeymoon one, after all people do call others while on their honeymoon and in this Myspace, Facebook, twitter addicted society I can see people updating their stuff during these intimate times. But hopefully it's not in the TMI category.

    Slow drivers in the left lane should be fined $100 for every car that’s lined up behind them waiting to pass. Nothing worse than getting in a line of 20 cars waiting to pass Grandma in her 73 Ford or Mr. “I’m an American and can drive where and as slow as I want.” Don’t even get me started on truck drivers Also drivers who think they can cut in that line of 20 cars. Get behind me and wait like everyone else.

    Ok some of my favorites

    1. Loud Rap music in public areas (Wal-Mart) to be exact. I love to hear about women being degraded, racial slurs, f-bombs and killing people. Good stuff. But I don’t need to hear it. Neither does all the moms and dads shopping with their kids.

    2. Smokers who stand by the entrances to stores and restaurants and force you to walk through a smoke screen just to get into these places.

    3. Bluetooth ear pieces, ok good for the car but they quit being a status symbol 3 or 4 yrs ago.

    4. People too lazy to return shopping carts to their stalls. I love when people just leave their carts right next to your car or they leave them in a space you want to park in. Aldi has a great system for that. They have a slot where you deposit a quarter and it unlocks the cart from another. If you want your quarter back you have to return the cart.

    Ok enough rambling..good post Jamie

  7. Everyone and everything annoys me on some level.

  8. People that use the phrase, the whole kit and kaboddle.

    Really though, it would be parents that smoke around their children and when they are pregnant...drives me bananas!

  9. 1. People who use unbelievably big words like "anthropomorphizing"...Just sayin'.
    2. When people stalk me in their cars while I'm walking to my car in the parking lot at school, to get my parking spot. Even though, I do that too.
    3. Miranda Lambert's voice.
    4. I agree with Caryann... we are very annoyable people, I suppose.

  10. I definitely agree with Joseph's number one and Chris's blue tooth comment.


    1. Miley Cyrus. The way her mouth moves when she talks - I don't know. It's. . beyond irritating.
    2. Mouth breathers.
    anddd. . .
    3. Boys in girl pants.

  11. The words pet peeve bother me. Oh yeah and trying to say bench without it sounding like a cuss word. And I agree with Sam about the boys in girl pants!

  12. B: It's time for you to get more reallife friends than pretend friends.
    IHM: You reminded me about the poor small appliance etiquette.
    CB: We will have to agree to disagree on the contact with others on your honeymoon. I mouthed an "amen" on the shopping cart issue.
    SS: It's always going to sound obscene when you walk in a room and yell "What's up my benches!?!"

  13. JG- Aw, thanks. I knew you cared.

  14. K: Human qualities being given to inhuman things.

  15. I have annoyances. They have mostly to do with the Kinnaird boys.
    1. Eating off of my plate before I'm finished.
    2. Farting at the table.
    3. Leaving clothes on the floor right next to the clothes hamper. (and wondering why I'm annoyed with it!)
    4. Hair left on the sink.
    5. Knowing that as they get older, my sons will probably be just like their father and grandfather. GREAT!
    6. Giving great advice and being ignored.
    7. Getting a buggy at the grocery store and it won't turn, or it bumps down the aisle.
    8. Not getting to say the word "stupid" anymore because Billy thinks it is a bad word and I won't let him say it. Why do I have to be such a great role model? I like the word "crap" too, but I don't won't my kids saying it, so I'll probably not get to say it anymore either.

    Wow, I must have some deep frustration that I needed to get out. I feel much better now. Thanks Jamie!

  16. 8."don't want" -sorry, should have spell checked.

  17. KK: I'm completely with you on #2, #4 and #6. I actually do #3 so no condemnation.

  18. too funny, the all caps thing drives me mad!! I feel like they are yelling at me and I read their email as such.


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