The Post About One to Grow On

My godson Billy turned 5 today. He has the perspective of a much older and more ornery man.

(His brother is plotting how to run without his mother seeing his plan unfold.)

My birthday gift was attending his party (a real sacrifice when you consider the number of small children who were kicking things and screaming for more sugar.) Billy asked for balloons and I brought the best kind - those you can eat.

I also brought a date - my Mom. She's not usually hinting for an invite to kids' parties, but you'd definitely want her there. Her hidden talents are nurturing with food and balloon sculpting.

Billy - here's to another year of reminding your parents that the apple doesn't fall far.


  1. When I was a kid those balloon's would scare me.

  2. Tell your mom thanks again for the awesome pack of balloon animal balloons and air pump. Although, after much practice, Billy and I both agreed that balloon sculpting is not my forte.

  3. I wouldn't mind edible balloons for my birthday either =)

  4. L: They offer therapy for irrational fears.
    K: I wasn't very good at being a balloon artist, either.
    S: Someone should make them for you :)

  5. I am pretty sure that my children are the cutest kids that have ever been. Even the one that looks like me.


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