The Post About Who Doesn't Have Daddy Issues?

This post is audience-specific. These are my reactions to this week's Lost episode "Dead is Dead."

**Right out of the gate: Hi, Charles.
**Pardon you - we call it "Smokey."
**Ben's pants are perpetually on fire. I don't see how he sits down.
**Hi, Ethan. Life is short. Or rather, will be short.
**QUOTE BREAK: Ben "Well, I just didn't have time to talk you back into hanging yourself."
**I don't know how I feel about Hispanic Jack. DANG!!! Guess my feelings are irrelevant.
**I need a Cliff Notes version of this time travel kerfuffle. And Lapidus needs to take it up a button.
**I just got the hibbee jibbees for Penny.
**BAM! I enjoyed that bloody nose shot.
**Was that a boar and a smoke monster playing cards?
**Okay. That was unexpected.

Preview: Next week's eppy is called "Some Like It Hoth." I don't know what that means but I'm guessing

Why did Ben apologize to Desmond? What lies in the shadow of the statue? Where is Faraday? So are any of these people who died now really living or are they just manifestations of the monster, i.e. Claire, Christian, Alex?


  1. And how did Ethan go from Dharma tot to Others adolescent?

  2. Ben had to apologize to Desmond for shooting him. When you are in AA you are supposed to make a list of those you wrong and try to make it right. Obviously, Ben is in AA.

  3. C: Hmm...I forgot about that.
    KK: You should do the Director's commentary for this season of Lost. I'm sure if they ever see that comment, then the call is coming...


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