The Post About 43 Things

Bucket lists are the new black and since black is my most flattering color, I think I should endulge. Most of us probably have those tasks or places or people we want to include in our lives before the clock runs out. I think there's something very therapeutic to writing it all out. However, paper is highly overrated, so I visited 43 Things and took "pen" to "pad." Here's a taste test of what I'm working towards:

9. Grow my own strawberr
ies: I've never successfully grown anything, other than my hair. To sow and reap something wonderful like these little bits of heaven would prove my worth.
15. Ride a donkey in the Grand Canyon: I have a trip planned there for 2010 and my bottom will get to the bottom on the holiest of animals.

30. Learn to drive a manual transmission: Who's willing to teach me? I'm a good driver. Really. Ignore this silly nonsense.
33. Swing on a trapeze: Carrie Bradshaw did it and so will I. Of course, I can't currently hang from the pull-up bar at the gym for more than 15 seconds, so I'll need to get on that.
38. Make a quilt: My mom is that woman who can take spools of thread and bolts of fabric and create a priceless heirloom. I recently lost a button and hot glued it back on my shirt.

What's one thing on your list?


  1. I think Lady bugs would swarm to your strawberry patch!

  2. TS/SS: Neither of you are very encouraging regarding my death list. Plus, you didn't answer the question - what's on your list? (So I can mock it :))

  3. Nice to meet you Jamie! Your #15 and #38 are on my list too! Hopefully sooner than later :)

  4. You are too funny! Thanks for visiting my blog and it is nice to meet you via decor8 blogging class. I like that we have a southeastern us pocket forum to share our stuff. Thanks for your kind words.

  5. Those are great! My list includes visiting all 50 states (I'm over half-way there), learning to speak spanish, writing a book, and learning to sew (which might turn into a quilt! who knows?) Which one are you tackling first?

  6. C: I was trying to start my own website (#10) first, but I think I will own a fabulous camera (#22) and hopefully IT will take snazzy photos for me :) I think learning to sew is a biggie - many blessings to both of us on that one!


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