The Post About Yet Another Thing

I realized I could spend hours on end at Etsy. This is what my bookshelf wants me to add to it:

This is from Temple 7e's shop. They have Boba Fett too. And lots of other great Kokeshi dolls that my bookshelf wants.

My bookshelf is very persuasive.


  1. I should get some of these and hang myself.

  2. oh, these are so cute!

    Hi Jamie! thanks for stopping by my blog - you have such a wonderfully colourful space here, it's like a burst of sunshine through my monitor! I'll see you in class :)

  3. J: You just don't appreciate real art. You're probably someone who would have a bag of hair sitting on your counter or a child's picnic table in the middle of your living room...Oh wait.

    S: Great minds think alike! Thank you for the kind words!

  4. I love these, and I'm not even a Star Wars geek! The detail in the painting is extraordinary.

  5. Super cute Etsy find! Thanks for visiting my blog - I'm glad you like the song and the photo!


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